Ben Garrison is a libertarian political cartoon artist known for creating illustrations about United States political corruption and various conspiracy theories, who has been the subject of a troll campaign by users of 4chan’s /pol/ (politics) board who have attempted to frame him as a Nazi sympathizer.


  1. Hello Edwin,
    Is the dollar going to disappear?? Do you mean paper currency ? If so, my answer would be, NO. Everyone else seems to think so. But, with all of the different guests we have on the radio show, the number one concern of everyone is educating the public on how our money system really works. Everyone takes the currency for granted and never considers the fact that it is all debt. Now, if you are watching a TV business channel or national news channel or even a local news show, and the subject of money or interest rates comes up, what type of video is always playing in the background, during the report ? If you’ll notice, it is always a printing press, or bill counter or someone passing cash across to a bank teller. If we became a cashless society, what type of video would they show in the background? A clerk typing numbers into a computer? Without that association, too many people would start to ask too many questions. Like, what exactly is money? How is money created? These are not the questions the money creators want asked. I believe to avoid those questions and to keep the population mystified on what money really is, we will always have some cash floating around.

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