Thomas Hedin

An Elegant and Powerful Concept.



Clean Capitalism is where the people own their production, the means of production and their money.
It’s positive, forward thinking and pro American.
Honestly, what we have now can hardly be called Capitalism, when the people are forced to rent both their money (interest), and their property (taxes). Instead, it has become synthetic and dirtied over many years. That was not The Framer’s intent; you and I, both know that.
It is our right to own the fruits of our labor. It is our responsibility not to leave a mountain of unpayable debt to burden future generations..It is our duty to fix it.
The good news: We Can Fix It.
Clean Capitalism, where the people own their production (property), the means of that production (business) and their money (medium of exchange), will unleash the leadership, creativity and growth of the American economy like never before – while promoting liberty, financial responsibility, and limiting massive government bureaucracy. We’ll be discussing the concept on this site, using the principals laid down from the first entry and building on this elegant and powerful concept.
Read this blog from the bottom to the top – carefully, thoughtfully. Email with questions. There is high-performance, low-drag information here.

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