Thomas Hedin

If It Can’t Be Grown, It Has To Be Mined.

Everything we have (excluding cosmic debris) comes from the Earth.  As we produce, we create wealth; we do not create money as we produce. That only happens at a bank.
Now, money only comes into being when someone, an individual, business or government, takes out a loan.
It’s true that gold, silver, platinum and diamonds are forms of wealth (wealth = raw resources + labor + innovation) but we don’t use wealth for money.  We use debt.
The Minnesota Transportation Act (MTA) will introduce a stream of wealth-based money into the economy to allow people to pay off their debt. Bank default rates will decline and our economy will stabilize.
We can’t grow money and we don’t mine it either.  We borrow it.  Our money is not wealth – it’s debt.


  1. The Minnesota Transportation Act would spend brand new money into circulation as a payment, debt free directly into the hands of the people.

    Yes it’s true that money doesn’t grow on trees, but this money would be debt free, issued as a for profit payment to those who do the work.

    Thank you for your comment.

  2. the new money is spent into circulation as an earned payment for labor and materials provided in building and maintaining roads and bridges. This in place of taxation or bonding. The workers get paid. They buy things in the economy and pay bills and the money flows into and through the economy.

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