Thomas Hedin

Sow the Wind,
Reap the Whirlwind.


“Naa… We’ve seen this before. Nothing to worry about.”

“I know it looks bad, but what can we do?”

“Yeah, but, these types of things are natural.”

“I just don’t think about it…”

“I’m not a weather expert, so…”

“I don’t know what to do!”

There is a financial storm on the horizon.
We are feeling the initial gusts now.
You can make all the excuses you can think up, and excuses that someone else thought up too. But sooner or later “We The People” will not be able to pay the INTEREST on our debt – no matter how they twist the dials or pull the levers. Forget ever trying to pay off the principal. Just the interest alone, estimates show, will be unpayable, by 2016.
Let that sink in.
What does our economy look like when over $100 trillion in debt collapses? Remember, 1 trillion seconds is 31,688 years. In some circles they are talking about a Quadrillion dollar derivatives market folding under the pressure.
Folks, seriously. We need immediate intervention; and it can’t be in the form of any sort of loan – you cannot borrow/bond/tax your way out of debt.
Finger pointing, feet-dragging and jaw-jacking are not enough! Neither is claiming ignorance.
If you are an adult, it’s time to have big-people thoughts on how money is created, how it’s done now, and what to do about fixing it. Don’t fold by saying “I really don’t get it.” Get it. It’s your country.
There is enough information on this web site to fix it. Read it until you get it. If it just did not make sense – reread it. Email us to set up an appointment with your church. Send this site to a friend. Get the education, on money, that you were never given! It’s really all right here, on this web site. Do it before you are neck deep in water and looking for someone else to blame.
Without a wealth based money system – one that is debt free andspent, not loaned, into the economy for the benefit of all Americans – we will take a direct hit from the certain and approaching storm.
Then what?

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