Thomas Hedin

Folding Our Way Back From The Sun

 Sun 3

Q:  If you could fold a piece of paper that was .05 mm thick, in half,
50 times, how tall would the resulting stack of paper be?
A: Roughly 100 millionkilometers, or 2/3 the way to the sun.  Fold it once more and the stack would be 50 million kilometers past the sun.
In terms of solving a problem that is working against you exponentially, reversing the process can yield very large gains.  In other words, unfold the paper just one time and the problem is half the size.
Our debt is growing exponentially.  “Compound interest” is working against us. We need to undo the damage.
The MINNESOTA TRANSPORTATION ACT will begin to unfold our debt crisis, restore stability to our banking system, create jobs and reduce taxes. In addition, it’s such a simple change and we could see results the first week it’s passed.

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