Thomas Hedin

Tip of the Iceberg

What can debt-free, wealth-based, infrastructure funding be used for?
In addition to bridges and roads and the correspondingsewer systems:

  1. The Electrical Grid
  2. Green Energy
  3. Solar and Wind
  4. Fiber Optic Cable
  5. Energy Platforms
  6. Pipelines
  7. Geothermal
  8. Power Plants
  9. Airports
  10. Rail Transport
  11. Levies and Dams
  12. Ports
  13. Refineries
  14. Upgrades and Maintenance on the Above
  15. Personal Rapid Transit   CHECK IT OUT
Each time we use this principal to fund infrastructure we spend inflation free, debt free money into the economy. In other words, we all get “richer”. There is more money to go around and we live in a better society.
That’s just the beginning.

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