The true story of the events leading up to the beating and murder attempt of Byron Dale pre-meditated by a governor of South Dakota exposing the corruption and injustice suffered by him before and since. Like a scene from a Russian KGB Movie.
100+ pages$18
A look at our debt-money system from the perspective of agriculture and how the true producers of wealth have so much debt.
100+ pages$15
Tells why America will never reach its full potential and why most will work harder and longer to experience a constantly lowering standard-of-living because of what our educational system has not, and does not, teach about money
20+ pages$4
Explains how our banking system is taking this once very productive nation into bankruptcy. Starting with the most basic principles, it traces the course through history how we were moved from a wealth money system to a debt money system with a rapacious effect on every one of us and our nation.
260+ pages$25
Explains the money principal America started with, the gradual change to the principal used today, and the solution to restoring America to a free people with a debt-free medium of exchange.
40+ pages$4
How America’s medium of exchange was changed from a debt free representation of our wealth, production, ownership, and freedom to one that represents the debt we owe to the banking industry, our economic servitude and loss of freedom.
15+ pages$4
A Compilation of letters written by Byron Dale in 1982 and Gregory K. Soderberg in 1992 to the U.S. Treasury and others about how our money system works followed by their answers.
60+ pages$15
Starts the imagination regarding the employment, technological, environmental, energy, safety, and standard-of-living possibilities when we build our roads & bridges without debt or taxation
30+ pages$4
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