Byron C. Dale

June 6, 1940 – January 25, 2020

A life created to change the world.

Rancher, Certified Monetary Expert in courts of North Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois and Missouri. Rancher, World’s Foremost Monetary Researcher, author, speaker, political activist, husband, father, dear friend, true American who, after a life changing experience, cared enough to work, suffer, sacrifice and act to make a cataclysmic difference in my life, your life and America! Byron had a strong sensitivity in understanding the needs of our growing population and the next generation’s as concerns economic stability and Freedom. Developed 640 acre farm into a 5,000 acre cattle ranch. Survived a pre-meditated murder attempt on his life ordered by South Dakota Governor Bill Janklow.

Presided over 800 lectures concerning the debt money system. Featured guest on radio and TV shows. Produced many audio and visual presentations on debt-money, the problem and the solution. While a guest in Byron’s home, Mr. Bill Still, Director of the award winning documentary The Secret of Oz, consulted Byron regarding money and featured Byron in the film.

4+ years hosted weekly Internet ‘Wealth Money Radio Show’. Published author and co-authored of several books on debt money. Activist. In 1992-93, with the help of 2 other men, hand delivered to all the members of the United States Congress a bill in legislative form called THE MONEY REFORM ACT now referred to as the AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION ACT. It would spend not lend all new money into circulation. They all signed that they had received the bill. Gathered over 2 million petition signatures in support of the bill. On September 29, 1993, he and over 1000 people traveled to Washington D.C. hand delivering those signed petitions to the U.S. Congress personally contacting over 170 Congressional offices concerning the legislative proposal and speaking to thousands on the steps of our U.S. Capitol. Presented the state Minnesota Transportation Act to the Minnesota State Legislature.
Byron is and will be sorely missed.

Gregory K. Soderberg

Born of American citizens Feb. 14, 1951.

USMC 1970-71 -3rd MAF, 2nd CAG, Viet Nam

Combined Action program CAP 2-7-10
Recipient Purple Heart. Honorably discharged.

40+ years marketing consultant
Author, artist, outdoorsman, conservationist.

Candidate MN. Lt. Gov. 2006 & 2010
Advocate for Debt Free Medium of exchange since 1992

J. Drew Foster

Drew was born and raised in Princeton, New Jersey, graduated from Princeton High School, and earned a B.S. in Entomology and Zoology from Colorado State University.

He has held appointed and elected positions in local government in New Jersey, ultimately serving as Mayor of East Amwell Township. He now lives in Emmet, Nebraska, where he works with farmers, with an emphasis on soil health management and crop production efficiency within the natural systems that God designed.

In 1993, Drew met Byron Dale. They quickly became good friends. Drew joined Byron’s team and committed to monetary reform. In the 90s, he joined Byron for that cause three times in Washington, D.C. and hosted him three times in New Jersey where Byron gave lectures. Drew also gave numerous lectures himself, to various political groups.

After these nearly 30 years of experience, Drew believes that monetary reform will have to begin with the Church, specifically Christian leadership, who have failed to teach the biblical truths about economics as they are detailed from Genesis to Revelation.

Today, Drew prefers to be messing about with sailboats, or horses and goats, or otherwise spending time (outside) with his daughters and friends.

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