We hear it all the time:
He paid with a 5 dollar “bill”
I only have a 10 dollar “bill”
She handed him a dollar “bill”

You’ve probably heard other ways people use “bills” when referring to paper currency. One shouldn’t use the term, “bills” in one’s daily life when speaking of Federal Reserve Notes, the things we think of as money. FRN’s are not “bills.” They are “notes” exactly what they say on their face. A bank note is always an evidence of debt we owe the bank. If we don’t go into debt and borrow, there is no money. FRN’s should always be referred to as “notes” not “bills” as they are not “bills.” They have never said “bills” on them. The “bills” habit may be a hard one to break. Yet, with focus and effort you can break the “bills habit.” Try it! If Americans said “notes” instead of “bills”, they might come to understand the ‘Debtonomy’ and involuntary economic servitude they’ve been forced into. So, say “notes” unless you’re talking about a written reminder or you’re talking about something Bill owns. That would be “Bill’s.” Otherwise, it’s not “bills!”

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